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Online Membership Forms of COMMUNIC are now available!

Online membership is now open. Just go tho the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM tab and fill out the fields. For any assistance call us at 01749899098. Upon completion, we will contact with you to collect the membership fee, provide you with a receipt of payment and that's it! Paper registration forms are also available if needed.


Membership Forms of COMMUNIC are now available!

Forms will be available for all IBA-JU students to become a member of COMMUNIC to be a part of the upcoming extravagant activites and programs. It must be noted that All Programs, Exhibitions, Workshops, Competitions, etc arranged by COMMUNIC will be open to all students - Member and Non-Member alike. Being a member will allow you to stay updated and get 24/7 support from the dedicated Executive Committee Members as well as some other very essential advantages! We value your time and effort the most and will always strive to put a smile on your faces at everything you do with COMMUNIC!

You can find forms from the following sources:
  • CRs of respective classes
  • Executive Committee Members:
    • VP - Communications: Ali Wassi
    • Secretary - Branding & PR: Asif Irtiza Hussain
    • Asst. Secretary - Branding & PR: Shoptorshi Rahman

Please Contact your respective CRs, Executive Committee Members, or contact us through cell / email if you have any trouble.


The Historic Grand Launching of COMMUNIC - The 7th Club of IBA-JU, The Newest in the flock - was held on 02.04.2011.
The event took place at the Seminar Library of IBA-JU, with the presence of our Honorable Director Sir Dr. Mohammad Baktiar Rana as Chief Guest.

Shikdar Akhtar-Uz-Zaman, Head of ATL Media (DGM), Communication Channels, Communication Division, Grameen Phone Ltd. and Rakibul Hasan, Associate Director, MAXUS was present as special guests.

It was truly a great day for COMMUNIC to finally come over the ground and start its journey as a full-fledged club of IBA-JU after going through a long rigorous process of initiation.

The initiators, President, Vice Presidents and other EX-COM members thanks the Authority, Faculty Members, Club Moderator, and Honorable Director Sir for their extended support.

The News Coverage came on The Daily Star of 07.04.2011
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