Expression Unleashed!


COMMUNIC is the 7th Club of Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University, a platform for students of IBA-JU to learn, practice & master fundamental & specialized communication skills through various programs, workshops, sessions & competitions to equip them with highly effective & efficient level of diversified skills which will give them a leading edge in today’s competitive arena & will allow them to develop fully as a better person at large.


  • To enhance the spoken, written, verbal & non-verbal communication skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects.
  • To enhance participants negotiating and oratory skills and to broaden the participants view and knowledge of the world.
  • To develop self- confidence through budding efficient communication skill.
  • To practice language and cultural exchange program.
  • To develop platforms to practice specialized focus-based skills.


  • Events on self development through communication tools.
  • Organizing competitions for enhancing effective communication skills.
  • Organizing study circles to study great historical communicators, leaders, motivational speakers, authors etc to gain in depth knowledge and realization to develop better communication and leadership skills.
  • Organizing experience sharing events to let the students of IBA – JU communicate with everyone about their achievements, participations, and various other dimensions and thus improve their communication skills to the fullest.
  • Organizing MUN at the university level both nationally and internationally.
  • Organizing workshops regarding MUN and communication skills.
  • Participating in MUN around the world and thus enhancing the diplomatic abilities.Events promoting position paper writing, proposal writing, resolution writing, creative writing, etc.Organizing regular scheduled speaking, writing, behavioral, and other communication related skill development & practice sessions, workshops & events.